Work Life

FUJITSU / Munich

System Software Engineer November 2017 - Present

Core Development Team in of Mainframe computer BS2000. Programming in Assembly (x309 and x86), C and C++ . Development of BS2IDE which is the BS2000 Plugin for Eclipse. Also, side developer of an Internal SharePoint Website and Database Administrator.

iQmine / Munich

Automotive Software Developer May 2017 - November 2017

New Logging System for a German Vehicle Manufacturer Diagnose Interpreter, Developing new Data and Configurations for a German Vehicle Manufacturer „Over the Air“ Project.


Big Data Developer November 2016 - May 2017

Restructuring of BMW Database Tables. Programming of various functions in the Qlikview with NPrinting (for Reporting System). Creation of new Intranet pages, the Ticketing System for the After Sales Department.

BMW Group / Munich

Internship June 2014 - October 2014

I did my second internship in BMW for 4 months in Munich,Germany , I worked the field of the aerodynamics department. I created the computer software which keeps and controls aerodynamic data of all BMW cars and It is still used by Aerodynamics department. Training in the basics of the drag coefficient prediction. Programming of various functions in the EXCEL table using Visual Basic. Integration of an Export function for the BMW-Aerodynamics-Intranet pages. Analyzing and preprocessing Aerodynamic-Data.

GATE Electronics / Ankara

Internship July 2013 - August 2013

I did my first internship in Gate Electronics for 1 month in Ankara,Turkey, I worked the field of research-development department. I created a JAVA software to controlling the design process also I joined the meetings of Designing process and I helped them to design to make intelligent maps. Assisting in the implementation of Smart-Map systems. Assisting in the implementation of Interface of Smart-Map systems.


Technical University of Munich

Computer Science MSc. 2016 - 2018

I graduated from Munich Technical University in 2018. My Master's thesis is about Industry 4.0. I did the performance evaluation of different embedded devices with size and computing power. I used the open62541 framework created with OPC architecture to develop these tests. OPC Unified Architecture is one of the leading and preferred industrial client-server machine to machine (M2M) communication model.

Baskent University

Computer Engineering BSc. 2010 - 2015

I had a FULL SCHOLARSHIP and graduated from Baskent University Computer Engineering Bachelor Programme with 4th best grade of department, It took five years with a year of english preparation. My overall GPA is 3.38.


As I participated in different projects, I have got different skills level but mostly I developed my software with JAVA.

  • Python
  • C & C++
  • HTML, CSS, JavaScript
  • Java
  • Android
  • Matlab






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